Ron’s #29: The Tempest by William Shakespeare

November 16, 2012 1

This one is not new to me, but I seemed to enjoy it more for some reason. I liked the protective relationship that Prospero has with his daughter Miranda, and the focus on possible criticism on New World colonization that Shakespeare could be proposing. While the plot is overly complicated […]

Ron’s #28: Tinkers by Paul Harding

November 14, 2012 0

I usually don’t take book recommendations from people. It’s not that I am arrogant about my book choices (OK, maybe I am a little!); rather, it’s because I always have too many books that I’ve already have picked out vying for my attention. Adding in book suggestions just get in […]

Ron’s #43: Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson

November 26, 2011 1

Wanting to read a book that explicitly discusses the need for raising boys, I first thought of this volume. I know that raising a boy has specific challenges than raising girls because—gasp!—boys and girls are different. Contrary to what society has to say on the matter, there are differences in […]

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