Ron’s #2: Tactics by Greg Koukl

On the ferry ride to Izena Island, my friend Daniel told me about Greg Koukl and his latest book, Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions. On the way home, I read a chapter and ordered it. I’ve put it aside since then, reading only a chapter here or there, but now I finished this short, excellent book about discussing your Christian faith with others.

Unlike most apologetics books, this is not filled with facts, figures, charts, or dates proving or disproving any worldviews. Rather, Koukl offers ways to talk to people, allowing them to share ideas and explain their convictions about topics without arguments or bickering. He has simple methods to talk about faith, but these principals can really apply to any topic in your daily conversations. They allow for civility, even when your partner is not so civil. Methods like Columbo and Taking the Roof Off will help you in having conversations that are productive for the Kingdom of Christ. Tactics will help you be a better, more effective ambassador for Christ. In fact, out next Apologia group at The Harbor is going through this text.

I highly recommend this accessible text to help you discuss the important issues with those in your life. Or, you can ignore this advice and merely talk about the weather and sports scores.

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