Ron’s #45: Note to Self by Joe Thorn

I first heard an interview with author Joe Thorne on my favorite podcast, The White Horse Inn. Thorne talked about the concept of preaching the gospel to yourself, and wrote this book to show how we can remind ourselves what Christ has done on our behalf.

This short book is more of a devotional, with quick, two-page chapters reminding us of some aspect of the Christian life. The three sections are “The Gospel and God,” “The Gospel and Others,” and “The Gospel and You.” Chapters include:

Chapter 8: Jesus is Enough

Chapter 9: God Does Not Answer to You

Chapter 10: Be Humble in Your Theology

Chapter 16: Love Your Wife

Chapter 34: You are Proud

Chapter 35: Stop Complaining

Chapter 41: Be Careful in Your Theology

Chapter 44: Suffer Well

While I usually do not read devotional books, Note to Self  is a good one to help remind us that we are loved and were bought at a price through the blood of Christ.

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