Ron’s #33: Demonic by Ann Coulter

I know I’m going to catch flack for this one, but I am happy to say that I enjoy a dose of Ann Coulter once in awhile. She’s an intelligent woman who is a good writer, and she is often pretty funny. I think her jokes/insults go further than I would go at times, but it is difficult to disagree with her conclusions. Lots of folks say terrible mean things about her, but it is not about her major points in politics. In fact, when I told a friend that I was reading this, his first comment was, “She is so hateful.” I disagree with him, but it does show a persuasive opinion about her and other outspoken conservatives.

I’ll be brief on this book. I really enjoyed it. Coulter’s premise is that unruly mobs control and guide liberal politics in the world, whether through violent protests, ad hominem attacks, or fear tactics to force people in “politically correct” line. She offers an excellent overview of both the American Revolution and the French Revolution. The first was led by ideas, the second was led by knives and axes. Even the most anti-Coulter folks would enjoy these summaries. She continues in showing how violent mob protests are from liberals, almost never conservatives. When conservatives are violent, conservatives condemn them. Not so with liberals. Smashing windows, booing speakers, forcing people to leave for their safety are all praised as “power to the people” movements.

If you enjoy political discussions, this is a good addition. In fact, I would read your favorite liberal treaty if you read this one. Stop just blasting Ann Coulter without knowing anything about her work.

I’ll end this review with a few quotations that I highlighted because they were insightful or funny or both.

Liberals were more sympathetic to Islamic terrorists than they were toward President Bush.

Dissent is patriotic only when a Republican is president, and we must have “respect for the office” only when a Democrat is president.

Jimmy Carter was unable to comment because he was in Pyongyang with Habitat for Humanity building Kim Il Sung a new missile silo.

This country’s founders were strongly against the mob—as are today’s Tea Party patriots. Noticeably, modern Tea Partiers haven’t engaged in one iota of property destruction, in contradistinction to nearly any gathering of liberals.

Liberals hate the idea of a revolution by gentlemen, which is why they celebrate hairy, foul-smelling revolutionaries like Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and Susan Sarandon.

The mob demands total chaos in sexual traditions, morals, and decorum—but fascistic uniformity when it comes to opinions.

Liberals loathe conservative women beyond reason, perceiving them as the natural keepers of religious faith and morality.

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