Ron’s #28: Of Thee I Zing by Laura Ingraham

I like Laura Ingraham’s radio show with her blend of intelligence, wit, and sarcasm about politics and culture. I don’t listen regularly, but I pop in the podcast whenever I can. When this new book was released, I was interested in reading it. I was a little disappointed.

This is not a political book, and that may attract some readers. It is her take on pop culture: parenting, technology, education, television, etc. While this is usually interesting to me, it was not really discussed, and the book is a collection of short quips ala Jerry Seinfeld’s “Did you ever notice that….” I love Jerry Seinfeld, and I am not complimenting Ingram here. Her observations are rehashed stand-up jokes and unfunny commentary about society. Do we need to read again about how people update Facebook statuses with banal activities or how teenagers can’t speak properly? I was waiting to read about how small the bags of airline peanuts are.

Her observations sounded petty, complaining, and, at times, mean. I am not overly sensitive to harsh words in books, but Ingram came across as a real curmudgeon here, shouting, “You kids stay off my lawn” to her readers. From her radio show, I know that she is not like that, so I was disappointed that she decided to write a book like this.

After getting through the entire book with ho-hum zingers, it was the last line that bothered me the most.

“Inter-religious dialogue: Meaningless. You believe one thing and we believe another.”

This was how she ended her book. As if she didn’t alienate the readers enough with her groanings throughout the book, this last line was another way of stop the conversation altogether, especially about such an important topic. It is because you believe one thing and I believe another that we ought to have such dialogues. Isn’t this what the Great Commission is all about?


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