Mark’s #8 – What is Repentance by R.C. Sproul (Crucial Questions Series)

Granted, this can hardly be considered a book review.   However, when you’re behind like me in the review game, you start to count nearly everything (don’t worry, I won’t start to review blog articles I skim).  Nevertheless, I was recently I was asked to preach on repentance at a local church during their Lenten sermon series.  This little booklet served as a helpful reminder to this often overlooked and under-preached topic.

The book is divided into four parts:

  1. What is Repentance? – Sproul gives a brief Biblical survey of repentance and its importance
  2. A Picture of Repentance – The message and imagery of  repentance found in the book of Joel explored.
  3. A Model of Repentance  – David serves as a model of repentance when his sin with Bathsheba is exposed as he recorded in Psalm 51
  4. Regeneration and Repentance – Genuine repentance is something that is worked in us by the Holy Spirit.

Certainly not exhaustive, this booklet, along with the other booklets in R. C. Sproul’s Crucial Questions series serves as a great primer on many important issues regarding theology and the life of the believer.  You can download 22 of the books for free here. 

For those interested in my sermon on repentance, here you go:

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