Mark’s #44 – How Did You Get This Number by Sloane Crosley

This book is a series of essays about the author’s life.  I was looking for a light read, and I’ve enjoyed reading similar books by the likes of David Sedaris.  In Fact, many reviews compared Crosley’s writings to Sedaris, and David himself endorses the book on the inside cover.

To be clear, this is not must read literature, though it is, at times mildly entertaining to read about the life of this Jewish girl from the suburbs, moved to Manhattan, and taking trips to places like Alaska, Lisbon, and Paris.  I enjoyed her dry sense of humor and curious analogies.   There’s stories about being convinced by her friend to go to the confessional at Notre Dame in Paris, only to get the priest who speaks only Japanese and French.  Another story recounts her love found and lost in NYC by a dude who, as it turns out, had another girlfriend the entire time – all this tied to the time when she had a connection at a very expensive furniture store who would sell her ‘used’ items at an extreme discount through various shady meetings on NYC street corners… At times I felt sad for her as she lives out a postmodern worldview and worldly values.


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