Mark’s #42 – Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside the World of ESPN by James Miller and Tom Shales

I’m a huge fan of ESPN… or so I thought.  After 450 pages of reading this book I gave up… and I wasn’t even close to finishing the book (It’s 750+ pages).

I’m wondering what the authors were thinking writing such a massive book on a sports television network.   You have to be a sports nut to really enjoy this book… but if you’re that much of a sports nut, then you’re probably not reading ANY books, not to mention a 750+ page book.  You wouldn’t have time, you’d be watching Sportscenter.

I did enjoy the occasional walk down memory lane of my childhood as various ESPN announcers would share about certain events in the world of sports and how ESPN interacted with those events.

However, this book was way too much in the weeds… Perhaps a better title for the book would be, Those Guys Are Way too In To Themselves.

I like books about sports history… this book though, is more of a very detailed inside look at various executives and personalities making decisions, backstabbing, cursing, planning, and producing the network that became “The Worldwide Leader In Sports”.

I’d rather just watch Sportcenter….

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