Mark’s #42 – Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley (2003)

Andy Stanley excels at communication and leadership – that’s a big reason he pastors the second largest church in America.  Next Generation Leader is a book that I read several years ago, but was feeling the need for a refresher to spur on my own leadership abilities.

This book focuses on five keys for development and success for up and coming leaders:

  1. Competence – Do Less, Accomplish More.
  2. Courage – Courage Establishes Leadership
  3. Clarity – Uncertainty Demands Clarity
  4. Coaching – Coaching Enables A Leader To Go Farther, Faster
  5. Character – Character Determines the Leader’s Legacy


As it has been awhile since I first read this book, I realize now how impactful this little book has been on my own leadership approach and philosophy.   This is the book that encouraged me to spend the majority of my time as a pastor focusing on study, preaching, and development of other leaders (strength areas).  Stanley encourages leaders to play to their strengths and delegate their weaknesses.

The other key impact of this book is the necessity for clarity, even in uncertain times – especially in uncertain times.   Stanley is a master of casting vision with clarity.   For example, even in this book, Stanley works hard to make the big idea and key points of each chapter as clear as possible with great illustrations, and concise section summaries.

I would recommend this book to any one who desires to lead people on any level.

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