Mark’s #40 – One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven by Mark Cahill

Mark Cahill is passionate and excited about telling people, anywhere and everywhere, about the good news of Jesus Christ. As a speaker, author, and personal evangelist, he has taken Christ’s command to “go make disciples” very seriously and joyfully.   This is a book that is meant to be an encouragement to other Christians to do the same.  The strength of this book is in the authors passion and many stories from his own experience in sharing the gospel.

I want to be very careful in any kind of critique of a book on evangelism, especially one so heavily focused on the experiences of the author actually doing the work of an evangelist.  As D.L. Moody once said to a gentleman who criticized his street preaching evangelism, “what I’m doing to share the gospel beats what you’re not doing” (or something like that).   I pray that God would give me the boldness and passion He has given Mark Cahill.   He clearly wants people to go to heaven and not to hell, and he’s doing something about it!

However, I do have a few concerns with the book.  The writing is a bit too stream-of-consciousness and not well organized.  The author often slips into guilt or even poor theology as motivation for evangelism.  For example, Cahill writes, “Jesus did His part two thousand years ago, and now it is time for you to do yours.”  At other times I felt that Cahill’s apologetic responses were not well grounded or good arguments (for example, one of his ‘proofs’  for the Bible being God’s Word is that it’s the best selling book in history).

The overall thrust and motivation for evangelism is, for Cahill, to get people out of hell and into heaven… But what about God? You get reconciled to God when you embrace the gospel! Yes you get heaven and avoid hell, but even these are secondary motivations… “God is the Gospel” -John Piper.

Again, let me say I respect and appreciate the work and passion of Mark Cahill.  I would simply encourage him to spend some time growing deeper in his understanding of theology, apologetics, and writing ability.

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