Mark’s #36 – Amped by Daniel Wilson (2012)

Set in the near future, Amped portrays a world where neuro-technological advances enable humans to perform super human feats by unlocking and empowering their own brains through computer modular implants.  Those that get this procedure done (for a wide variety of reasons and abilities) are considered “Amps”. Meanwhile, there are those of the “pure human” kind that resent the increased abilities and opportunities afforded to these “Amps”.  Led by an anti-amp crusader senator, legislation, prejudice, and widespread mistreatment of amps begins to ensue.

The premise of the book caught my attention, especially given my focus on dystopian future novels this year and my interest in the effects of technology on culture and society.  I had high hopes for this book, and was glad when I was able to check it out online for free from my local library.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it was the author or the reader (probably both), but the overall feel of the book seemed overly Emo/hipster/99%er to me.  It was interesting enough for me to finish… but just barely.

I would only recommend this book to people who are very much into sci-fi technothrillers, or perhaps Emo teens full of angst against ‘the system’.  Otherwise, if you’re looking for good, well researched, technothrillers, stick with the master of the genre – Michael Crichton.

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