Mark’s #24 – A Mind For God by James Emery White (2006)

In August, we’ll be discussing this book during our monthly Apologia discussion group at The Harbor.  In preparation, I read this short book ahead of time, and was greatly encouraged in doing so.  A couple of years ago, Ron read and reviewed this book on this website (his review is better and more in-depth)

Like other books we’ve read and discussed for Apologia, this book raises an alarm at the lack of critical thinking in our culture in general and in the church specifically.  The author puts forth a short, but effective treatise for the Christian to recapture the life of the mind and live out a Christian worldview for the glory of God.  In addition, he encourages believers to engage their minds as they engage the culture at large in meaningful ways as Christians point the culture to Christ the King.  To do this, we are encouraged to enter the great conversation of the ages through consistent and critical reading.  He challenges the reader to be intentional about what they read and when they read.

If you’re in Okinawa, we have some copies available at The Harbor ($10) if you would like to join us for our discussion of this book on August 29th.

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