Mark’s #22 – Bold Reformer: Celebrating the Gospel-Centered Convictions of Martin Luther (190 pages)

In an age of comprise, church corruption, relativism, ignorance of biblical truths, and a watering down of the gospel, what are genuine Christ followers to do? This is the question we face today, but the question and circumstances are not new.  As the author, Dr. David Steele points out,  “There is an urgent need for a new generation of bold reformers who dominate the theological landscape, which is drowning in compromise and capitulation (p. 13).”

500 years ago many of these trappings weighed heavily on Christ’s church.  Into this mess, God sent forth a young Augustinian monk named Martin Luther – a bold reformer who would recover and proclaim the beautiful and true gospel of grace through faith.

This book is part church history (showing the challenges and response of the bold reformers), part challenge to be bold reformers today, and part application – showing practical steps we should take in reforming our churches today.   The blend of church history and modern application was both enjoyable and relevant for my own life and thinking.  We stand on the shoulders of theological giants when we study their life and times, and how God used them for His glory to reform the church.  However, often when studying church history, the modern application is left up to the reader to try to figure out.  Here, Steele’s purpose is to both educate and apply these truths in our lives today. Along the journey, the reader is encouraged towards gospel-centered boldness, who recognize the need for a modern reformation, refuse to compromise truth, rejoice and rest in the sovereignty of God, and proclaim the truth of the gospel.

5 Stars

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