Justin’s End of the Year Review: 2017 Edition

Well it was a difficult year for my reading. Not only did I not achieve my goal of reading 100 books in 2017, I also fell off the wagon writing book reviews. I read 60 books in 2017. That’s no small feat. But I know I can do better. Here is a list of the books I read in 2017:


1. Evicted

2. Biography of Mere Christianity

3. Harry Potter 5

4. Harry Potter 6

5. Harry Potter 7

6. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

7. Hillbilly Elegy

8. The Bible Tells Me So

9. Bop Apocalypse

10. We Are Bob

11. Headlong Flight

12. Norse Mythology

13. After the Prophet

14. Silence

15. Hells heart

16. Sleeping giants

17. Jonathan Edwards

18. Columbus Day

19. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

20. Inside Delta Force

21. SPQR

22. Expeditionary Force: SpecOps

23. A Confederacy of Dunces

24. Waking God’s

25. Bloodlines

26. Thrawn

27. Thrawn Trilogy

28. Thrawn Trilogy

29. Thrawn Trilogy

30. Jezebel

31. Agnostic

32. The First Muslim

33. Star Wars: Aftermath, book 1

34. The Jackel’s Trick

35. 12 Way Your Phone Is Changing You

36. Hearts And Minds

37. Six Days of War

38. Steve Jobs

39. Wine All the Time

40. Hue

41. Blink

42. Outliers

43. IGen

44. Leonardo and the Last Supper

45. Michaengelo and the Pope’s Ceiling

46. Igen – book review

47. Ranger Games

48. Blood, Sweat, and Pixels

49. The Maltese Falcon

50. The Collapsing Empire

51. The Fold

52. Paradox Bound

53. Escape From Reason

54. 14

55. Leonardo Da Vinci

56. Exorcist

57. The Storm Before the Storm

58. The Swerve

59. Einstein

60. Artemis


As I traditionally have done, here are a few thoughts on this years reading including some of my favorites:


Best Book of the Year: This is a difficult choice to make this year. In terms of the most impactful book, that would go to “After the Prophet.” Lesley Hazleton’s ability to tell a narrative that is equally thoughtful, entertaining, and informative is brilliant. But I also really enjoyed reading (rather, listening to) Peter Clines’ book, “The Fold.” It was a fun ride that I couldn’t put down even when it got a little weird at the end. I also really enjoyed Leonardo Da Vinci, the new book by Issac Walterson and Steve Jobs by the same author. But the book that I think takes the cake for the year in terms of being so many things at once (gripping, a mystery, conflict, incredible narrative, etc.) would be Ben Blum’s “Ranger Games.” This book had me hooked from the first chapter till the last. I highly recommend it!

Runner Ups: After the Prophet; The Fold; Leonardo Da Vinci; Steve Jobs


Best Non-Fiction: This would have to go to the aforementioned “After the Prophet” for all the reasons I listed above. Most Westerners are ignorant about the facts of the Sunni/Shi’a split. I’m glad I read this book because it gave me a lot of clarity on Islam and its organization.

Runner Ups: Blood, Sweat, and Pixels; Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling; Evicted


Best Fiction: Somewhat predictably, the winner here has to be “The Fold.” This was such a surprise. I got it on audible as one of their daily deals and I was not let down. I went on to read most of Peter Clines’ books including “Paradox Bound” and “14.” The previous two couldn’t match up to The Fold but they were still excellent. Another audible runner up is also read by Ray Porter (the same narrator for Paradox Bound, 14, and The Fold) called “We Are Bob” which was a really delightful surprise as well.

Runner Ups: Paradox Bound; We Are Bob; the Thrawn Trilogy


Best Biography: This is an easy choice. I thought Walter Issacson’s “Steve Jobs” is a brilliant piece of literature. It was another one of the books that just captured me and wouldn’t let go until it was over. I know I’m behind the curve here but there is so much about Steve Jobs that is so ingenious that it continues to grip us years after his death. Issacson paints Jobs in such a vivid and wonderful way that captivated me.

Runner Ups: Leonardo Da Vinci; Einstein; the First Muslim


Worst Book: As I’m looking through my list, I can’t really think of a “worst book” that have really stood out to me in the past. I felt that I read a good mix of a variety of genres. I only wish that I could have read a little more!


2017 is in the past, but here is to 2018; and here is to hoping I can keep on top of reviews this coming year!

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