JRF’s #9 – Culture Smart: Indonesia by Graham Saunders

In preparation for our first trip to Indonesia, our team read and discussed this book.  We didn’t know how helpful it was until we got there, but now that we have gone and returned I am grateful for this small little book and would recommend the series for wherever you travel to next.  It covers what you would expect from this kind of book: history, culture, religion, and travel tips.

It was a good exercise reading through this book with a missions mindset looking for cultural bridges and barriers to the Gospel.  For instance…it was very helpful to know that although the majority of Indonesians would identify as Muslim, the basic underlying worldview is predominately a mix of Hinduism and Animism.

It was also nice to have some tips on how to keep myself from looking like a complete idiot and a walking cultural faux pas.  I need all the help I can get in that area.

Yeah, so this book wasn’t a classic piece of literature or theological treatise.  But it was helpful…and I read it…so I’m counting it!

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