JRF’s #6 – The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

Based off of a popular sermon series that Pastor and author Tim Keller preached atRedeemer Presbyterian Church in ManhattanThe Meaning of Marriage provides a timely and powerful voice to the modern Christian trying to understand and live out a Christ-centered marriage.  The Keller’s challenge both ends of the spectrum of error concerning marriage, showing that marriage as God intended it can be both more enthralling than any illegitimate pleasure as well as more exhausting and sacrificial than what modern notions of love and romance advertise.

The Keller’s have a well known love for C.S. Lewis and his influence is felt a lot in this book. They write with a Lewis-like approach: lots of compelling and wise theologically based thoughts…not an abundance of Scripture exposition.  Kierkegaard and poets get as much ink as the Word of God.  That approach isn’t necessarily wrong, it just needs to be recognized for what it is and read with discernment.

My wife and I read this book together, setting aside time a few times a month to discuss it.  The conversations that ensued were very helpful and fruitful.  A discussion that was particularly eye opening and exciting was when the Keller’s point out the differences between a consumer relationship vs. a covenant relationship and their implications on marriage.

This book is a great resource filled not only with wisdom for married couples but anyone trying to understand the purposes of God in the institution of Marriage.

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