JRF”s #47 – The Cup and the Glory by Greg Harris

This book wins the best book with the ugliest cover award.  This book came out of an exceptionally dark season in Dr. Harris life in which he was compelled to mine the Scriptures’ teaching on suffering.  What resulted is a deeply doxological, practical, and theological work that is both challenging and encouraging to those who are suffering or trying to comfort those who are.

Harris’ main discovery and thesis is that throughout Scripture the cup of suffering always precedes the experience of God’s glory.  If we would seek to taste God in His glory, we must not be surprised when we first must share in His sufferings.

The strength of this book lies in the exegetical depth and excellence which Dr. Harris brings to the passages he explores, specifically the Gospel accounts of Peter’s ups and downs as well as the corresponding passages in his epistles.  I also appreciated his candid accounts of his own struggles and how these truths were sowed in his soul and bore healing fruit.

The weakness of this book was that it often went simultaneously so broad and so deep that the scent of the main trail was often lost and only regained with much difficulty.  Perhaps this reflects my limited perspective and ability to make theological connections more than Dr. Harris’s writing.

I would rate this book as a more theologically weighty and exegetical but not as well written version of John Piper’s Spectacular Sins.


When you humble yourself, you abandon all other sources for hope except for God.”




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