JRF’s #46 – The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway

I have been into Hemmingway for quite some time, but I had yet to read his most well known book until now.  The Old Man and the Sea, for which he won the Nobel Prize for Literature, tells the story of…well…an old man and the sea.  I’m sure better students of literature can see brilliant metaphors and deep life lessons in this story, but for me it is simply a beautiful story of an old Cuban fisherman struggling for his life against the elements, his age, the great fish he has hooked, and the sharks that seek to take his prize.  This is one of those “the journey is the destination” books, where the joy in reading comes from the descriptive narration rather than the plot points.

If you haven’t read any Hemmingway I would recommend this classic as a great introduction to his writing.  I hope you enjoy it.


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