JRF’s #45 – Spectacular Sins by John Piper


I read this along with a couple with whom we are hoping to go on the mission field with in the future.  We are trying to feast on a steady diet of books that point us to the bigness of God and His faithfulness even in seemingly hopeless situations.  This is such a book.

I didn’t know that Ron was also going to read and review this book this year, but I am glad to point you to his excellent review with which I agree wholeheartedly.  I also would recommend Beth Steward‘s great review.

Instead of rehashing what Ron and Beth have done a great job of saying, I will leave you with a few of my favorite quotes:

My aim is to show that sin and evil, no matter how spectacular, never nullify the decisive, Christ-exalting purposes of God.  No, my aim is more than that.  These spectacular sins do not just fail to nullify God’s purpose to glorify Christ, they succeed, by God’s unfathomable providence, in making his gracious purpose come to pass.  This truth is the steel God offers to put in the spine of His people as they face the worst calamities.  There will be tenderness in due time.  But if the back of our faith is broken because we think God is evil or absent, who will welcome Him when He comes with caresses?”


God’s allegiance to His own name is the foundation of his faithfulness to us.  If God ever forsook His supreme allegiance to Himself, there would be no grace for us.  If He based His kindness to us on our worth, there would be no kindness to us.”


Satan does not take innocent people captive.  There are no innocent people.  Satan has power where sinful passions hold sway.”


If you separate God’s activity from the death of Jesus, you lose the Gospel.  This was God’s doing.  It is the highest and deepest point of His love for sinners.  His love for you.”



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