JRF’s # 45 – A Free People’s Suicide by Os Guinness

I read most of this for November’s Apologia, but then took my time finishing it up.  It has already been reviewed by Mark and Ron so I won’t reiterate the premise of the book.

My favorite part of the book were where Guinness showed the historical progression of democratic theory throughout the classical world and then compared and contrasted the American and French Revolutions.  The emphasis on the imporatance of history was refreshing and helped my thinking as I read through 1984 simultaneously.

The biggest weakness in my opinion was that while he did a good job of showing that a strong democracy demands a strong faith, I felt he barely even discussed why or why not a strong Christian faith demands a democracy.  The passion of my heart and goal of my life is not to secure democracy but serve the Kingdom of Christ.  My concerns for the sustainability of democracy are subserviant to my concern of the spread of the Gospel.  I felt like that aspect was missing from this book.  Perhaps that is a book for a different audience.


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