JRF’s #23 – I Call It Heresy! by A.W. Tozer

Although I know this book is a transcript of Tozer’s sermons on I Peter, it still feels like someone walked up to him and said,  “Hey Brother Toz, tell me what you think of this random verse in I Peter and I will livestream your thoughts into this book”.

What first made me buy this book was the main title, but the reason I read it was because of the subtitle, “…and Other Timely Topics from I Peter”.  Our Community Group was going through I Peter and I sought to glean from Tozer’s wisdom.

While Tozer produces many worthwhile thoughts and potent quotables, most of the time I didn’t have any clue how they related to the passage in I Peter that he was supposedly discussing.  This disjointedness made the book a somewhat gruelling read.  I have never heard recordings of Tozer preaching but if this is characteristic of his style I would say that he would be thrilling to listen to but his audience would leave without a clear understanding of the major themes and authorial intent of the passage.  Perhaps I am being to judgemental.  It is possible that much of the problem lies with the editor.

I like Tozer.  I like First Peter.  I didn’t like this book.

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