JRF’s # 21: The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan – 324 Pages

“It is always hard to see the purpose in wilderness wanderings until after they are over.”

“I seek a place that can never be destroyed, one that is pure, and that fadeth not away, and it is laid up in heaven, and safe there, to be given, at the time appointed, to them that seek it with all their heart. Read it so, if you will, in my book.”

A few months ago I was sent to a remote Navy base in Nevada.  I opted to drive there in part so that I could get a good audio book in.  The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan was that book.

The desolate scenery of my drive combined with the dark season of doubt that my spiritual walk with God was in at the time, put me in just the right place to take this journey with Bunyan’s protagonist, Christian.

I listened to the audio book version read by Max Mclean.  In between listening to the book, I continued the journey by listening to the excellent concept album, The Pilgrim by Nate Currin.

Watching Christian allegorically traverse through the highs and lows, temptations and victories, sorrows and ecstasies of the way of the cross was an unforgettable experience.  As a child I devoured the children’s version of The Pilgrim’s Progress.  This was my first exposure to the unabridged version.  I look forward to returning to and devouring the original text on a regular basis.


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