JRF’s #14 – Be Prepared by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden


Here is another book from my rapidly growing parenting section.  However, this book stands out in that most of my parenting books are written by theologians whose aim is to expound the applicable passages in God’s Word and faithfully apply them to parenting today.  These books are foundational and essential.  Yet no matter how great my theology of parenting is I still need to learn about diapers, breast pumps, and any number of other nitty-gritty baby raising details.  This book was written for the dad who doesn’t know what he needs to know and/or doesn’t want to know what he needs to know – but still needs to know everything he can know about taking care of a new born and the mother of that new born.

This book does an excellent job of distilling the important and relevant information for dads into an entertaining and to-the point presentation.  It also provides crucial advice of the sort that you would normally only have access to if you were lucky enough to have good friends that just so happen to also be good dads.  Instead of keeping this kind of information on the low down, the authors have published these nuggets for the good of all Daddom.  Nuggets like:

– Tactics for staying upright at your desk at work even though you haven’t slept in weeks

– Scientific rationale to justify the 5 second rule to your wife, so that you aren’t constantly having to wash your baby’s pacifier every time she drops it on the dirty floor

– How to overcome the trauma of watching your child born

– How to defend your baby from an attacking bear while camping


Along with the book the authors have created a very helpful website.  This website provides a treasure trove of useful tools such as a birthday party scene you can download then scan your munchkin’s face into and then send out to your parents, in-laws, friends and put in the baby scrapbook to make them all think you threw an epic 1 year birthday party – instead of actually going to the trouble of having a party that your kid will never remember and probably won’t even enjoy.

I am thankful to my cousin for recommending this book to me and I know that I will be referencing it often in the months to come.  I will also be giving this book to my friends who have or are seeking to have progeny.


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