JRF’s #1: The Surgeon’s Mate (Jack Aubrey Series #7) by Patrick O’Brian

Another excellent addition in the Jack Aubrey series.  Recently escaped from captivity in America during the war of 1812, Jack and Stephen return home to domestic and economic woes, only to leave again suddenly on a mission in the Baltic.  The writing and storytelling here are like good cheese.  I found myself frustrated with some of Aubrey’s choices in this book, but I think they served to make him a more believable character.

I continue to love O’Brian’s writing.

He was by no means as strongly attached to life as he had been in the days of Port Mahon, when apart from his political activities his whole heart was taken up with Diana…it was extraordinary what a stay she had been to him – the pole that held his needle to the north and gave its pointing a significance that it had lacked since her reign came to a sudden end.

‘A mistake and we drive on the rock. Do nothing until you are told, but then do it like lightning.’


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