Drew’s #4 — Gideon’s Corpse

This is the sequel to GIDEON’S SWORD and I must say, it’s a bit slower.  While the story picks up precisely where its predecessor leaves off, it feels throughout like the main character is a different person than the original.  It’s a bit like watching a show where the actor playing the main character is replaced for the sequel.  The affect is as if Tom Cruise was replaced by Ryan Reynolds—the new guy has his pluses but is just not right for the role.  The story too seems slower and more drawn out than the 1st.  Again, an OK read; again, a wild-ride plot; again, somewhat of a suspension of reality is required…  But it’s not unlike reheating a “pretty good, all things considered” dish.  It was pretty good, all things considered, the 1st time—now, it’ll do if you have nothing else.


Addendum:  I have this on audio and recenltly found myself with A LOT of time on my hands and decided to give this a re-read.  My original take may have been little biased.  The story really is fun in an action movie kinda way (you can’t knock a chainsaw fight too hard!) and the authors do a good job of laying that out without coming accross as too hoaky.  …at least as un-hoaky as a chainsaw fight can be…  Better than Stephen King in any event.

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