Drew’s #30 — The Junkie Quatrain by Peter Clines


For the first time I feel a little like I’m cheating in my desperate attempt to close out the year with all 52 books.  This one is actually more of a short story the author attached to the end of Ex-Patriots (the second book in what is sure to be a superhero/zombie trilogy).  BUT you can buy it independently as a stand-alone book on Amazon, so here it is.


This isn’t the same story as the “ex” series.  It is a sort of zombie story but it’s more of a crazed violent not all there human type zompoc.  Again, it takes place in L.A. and again, the style is a non-linear style, and again there are some quirky twists and turns,  …and again I get the distinct impression that I’m digging in below my reading level…  Not nearly as good as the authors other books (14, the “ex” books) but enjoyable enough.  If it comes withe one of those, you might wanna give it a try, otherwise, you can find something better to do with a couple of hours.

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