Drew’s #3 — Prey

My 2nd Michael Crichton this month and another great story!  Mind you, it’s a different story and a different feel to it, but just as good in it’s own arena.  Prey kicks off in high gear from what is actually the end of the story and pauses only briefly set things up and explain some of the more tedious details.  From this brief interlude, it escalates very quickly, though not erratically so—imagine a smooth jump from 2nd to 5th gear.  …And it just keeps going!

The book pits a small team of engineers against a man-made mechanical virus that learns, adapts, and devours.   The story twists and intensifies as the handful of scientists race against the clock to eradicate the rouge experiment before it spreads beyond control and into the unsuspecting world.  To make matters worse, the nano-virus begins infecting the engineers trying to destroy it, leaving the survivors unable to trust even each other.

Like Timeline and other Crichton novels, the author leaps into fiction from the platform of theoretical science, creating his signature tension in the irrepressible “maybe” of the not-entirely impossible.

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