Drew’s #29 — Ex-Patriots by Peter Clines


When you have multiple sclerosis,  it’s recommended that you challenge your mind daily, reading demanding prose, doing crossword puzzles…  In general things that exercise your brain and stave off inflamation and significantly mitigate the symptoms of M.S.  So if you have M.S., this book will do NOTHING for you, but, like baby shampoo on a bouncy castle slip and slide, it does make the ride down more fun…


Following on the heels of the first-in-the-series, Ex-Heroes, Ex-patriots picks up  at the next logical iteration of the zompoc plus superheroes story:  the ARMY gets involved.  Just as the swollen group of survivors begins to reach critical mass in their expanding compound in L.A., having folded in a steady flow of zompoc survivors and the remnant of the once antagonist gang from the first book.  Seemingly in the nick of time, the compound is discovered by another group of survivors, this one led by a group of super-soldiers (think a bunch of Capt Americas).  But as a contingent of heroes head out to liaise with this new group, it soon becomes clear that things are not as they seem on the new post.


Like the first book, the sequel is told in the non-linear “then/now” style.  And again, the author does a great job of carefully unfolding the details, meticulously preserving the continuity of both books and drawing and later either tying off or teasing out loose ends from both stories.  To much fun to put down…

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