Drew’s #28 — Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines


Imagine, if you will, that the world has fallen to devastating virus that kills and reanimates human beings as mindless, flesh-eating, un-dead corpses…  …again…  What’s that you say?  where’s the originality?  2 words:  superhero zombies!  Yep!  Suddenly, a handful of people around the globe find themselves endowed with super-human abilities.  Then, just as these folks are getting used to said abilities and falling into their rolls as vigilantes, crime-fighters, or even super-villains, the zompoc hits.  And the superheroes learn quickly that they are not immune to the zombie infection.  Now humanity, with the help of super-humanity, finds itself fighting for survival in a post zompocolyptic L.A. (not all that different from present-day Hollywood…).  To make matters worse, not everyone’s on the same team.  While many of the remaining humans have banded together to fight off the zombie hordes (or “ex’s”–short for ex-humans), a rouge L.A. street gang has seized the opportunity to take control of the city.   So the small but determined band of heroes struggle to hold the only known remnants of humanity together against both the quick and the undead.


Told in a non-linear story line (“then” and “now”), the author weaves a comprehensive, page-turning roller-coaster ride of a story laid out in an eclectic mix of humor, violence, irony, and bone-jarring “butt”-kicking.  He does a really good job of maintaining continuity, developing a number of characters, and slowly, deliberately unfolding twists and turns of the story.  Fun, fun, fun…  However, there are a few scenes of gratuitous sex and violence.  I shouldn’t be surprised given the genre (pure, unrepentant, delicious pulp fiction) but they do give the nagging impression that there’s an outside chance that the author’s target audience is young adults and comic nerds…


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