Drew’s #27 — The Sex-Lives of Cannibals by J. Martin Troost


Some stories are great in their broad observations of a time and/or place but others are delightful in their detail.  This book is the latter of these.  Troost chronicles he and his wife’s time on a small atoll in the pacific.  Note here many have spent time on small ISLANDS but few people have actually lived on an ATOLL–let’s just say the 7:30 show is COMPLETELY different from the 9:00.  For one thing, an atoll is much smaller.  For another, islands typically receive services such as regular mail, transportation, and general support from a mainland of one sort or another; not necessarily so on an atoll.   But the authors dryly humored, clumsy–in a stranger-in-a-strange-land way, and good-natured relation of the events make this story hilariously interesting.  The best way to think of it, I believe, is to relate it to scuba diving.  Once you’ve settled into the neato idea of breathing underwater, you start to take your time on small sights as opposed to the reef itself.  As you do this, you’ll notice the longer you spend on, say and anemone, the more you will find it teaming with life and notice that there’s a lot of interesting stuff on a small piece of real estate.  Great read; highly recommend it!


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