Drew’s #19 — Spandau Phoenix by Gregg Iles


The book is a (and I use the term loosely and do not wish to imply there is a significant degree of accuracy contained therein) historical fiction narrative centered around Hitler’s invasion of Russia during the WWII.  The story asserts that Germany’s divided efforts on two fronts (England and Russia) was strategic suicide and therefore a ruse to cover a deeper conspiracy to hibernate the Nazi scourge, planning to re-emerge once its agents have secretly aligned themselves in pivotal positions in key organizations around the world (various police forces, intelligence agencies, underground criminal org’s…).  In actuality, its much more likely that Hitler’s decision to invade Russia was due to Stalin’s brutal takeover; one of his first moves was to execute ALL of the country’s top military leaders–classic genius of dictatorial paranoia–leaving its military in rudderless and in confusion.  Neither here nor there however.

When this alleged conspiracy is threatened to be exposed in the looming reunification of GE in the late ’80s, interested parties of all nations clash to keep the facts under wraps–either for nefarious purposes or for posterities sake.  This struggle draws out across several fronts and makes for an epic spy vs spy story. And I mean EPIC!  The story weaves several sets of “good guys” against several sets of “bad guys”, ultimately converging in a mammoth battle.

Fun but LONG!  This is actually typical of the author should you want to commit to one of his stories.  Lots of action, twists, turns, assassins, soldiers, and thugs–all operating under the radar.  One of a couple of such books yet to be reviewed on my 52 this year.

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