Drew’s #14 — 14 By Peter Cline


This was a fun read; sort of a Ghostbusters meets Lost (the 1st season at least…).  When a curious tenant moves into a remarkably inexpensive apartment, he begins to notice strange things going on around the building.  The more he gets to know his neighbors the more curious things get.  And he’s not the only one.  Treading lightly to avoid the attention of the mysterious superintendent, the group begins to uncover deeper and darker secrets about the building that may keep the fate of the whole world in it’s shadow.


The book moves evenly along (not so fast as to brush over important details and not so long as to belabor the point).  This is especially true in the build up–there’s nothing arbitrary or, worse, made much of only to be dismissed with a quick line of dialogue.  That’s not to say its not outrageous in places but after all, it’s fiction.  The characters are simple but likable (the book plays off its “Scooby Doo” mystery gang feel well).  Nothing really scary or gory but it does have some violence.  Still, lots of fun.

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