Drew’s #13 — Stolen Souls by Stuart Neville

Stolen Souls is the third installment following GoB and focuses entierely on Jack Lennon.  The style is the same and GoB and it’s sequal, Collusion, and many of the same charicters reappear or are mentioned.  However, while you had to read GoB to understand the sequal, S. Souls can be read independantly, but there will be references to the 1st two throughout that won’t sink in if this is where you jump into the series.  But beware, if the 1st two were violent and dark, this one is… let’s say a little more disturbing.


The 3rd installment finds Jack Lennon (from the 2nd book) trying to ballance his dangerous job with raising his daughter.  Meanwhile, when a Lithuanian sex-trafficer is killed by a kidnapped girl in her escape, his “ill-tempered” brother vows to stop at nothing to find her.  But, while fleeing her persuers the girl winds up in the hands of a very disturbed serial killer.  In between all this, Jack must find the girl and rescue her before her original captors due AND work to keep his own daughter safe in the ballance.


The third installment runs off some of the same themes of corruption and mob violence, but deals directly with human trafficing.  And the author spares no details; all the felt emotion and intensity of the others is as strong as ever in this installment, but beware–parts of this story are hard to read.  I’ve read stories detailing cruel and horrible scenes (Kiss the Girls, the Hannible Lector series…) but there are scenes in this book, felt all the more in the way the author tells the story, that are the stuff of horror movies.  And I do mean double checking the locks, leave and extra light on, grown men sleeping with 9 iron type horror movies.   As with the 2nd book, there are no “loose ends” so look for many of the same characters and if you thought something needed to be cleared up in the last one you’ll get an eyefull here.  Note this takes an honest look at the sex-trade world and while it deals with the topic well, it is definately not for everyone.  Fair warning, like I said of the others, if you read the 2nd, it will be hard not to read the 3rd and if you read the 3rd you will find yourself, like me, waiting for the 4th.

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