Drew’s #12 — Collusion by Stuart Neville


In the sequal to The Ghosts of Belfast (GoB), Stuart Neville brings in as a main charachter a man only mentioned in the 1st book–Jack Lennon, a Belfast cop and father of the little girl featured in GoB.  This time Jerry Fagan, former IRA hitman must come out of hiding and team up with Lennon to protect Jack’s daughter and her mother from the fall-out left behind from Fagen’s actions in GoB.  Most notably, the wrath of a big mab boss seeking revenge.  The story introduces Jack Lennon and several others and shows us, very, um, vividly how the author deals with loose ends.  There really are no 1 time characters in this series and if they don’t get theirs in whichever book in the series your on, just wait.


Now, this books unfolds with the writers same style and flair for detail and mystery, but (as I said in the GoB reivew) it is not the same story.  Here the author really shows the desperate, almost helpless situation, created when mob influence becomes “just the way it is”.  And do note, it is a more violent story in many ways.


You can stop at GoB but note, if you go on with this book, it will be hard not to read the third.

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