Drew’s #10 — Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell

Drew Pence’s notebook–21 Jul 11

What the heck did Mark get me into?  I’m only about 20% into the book and so far I’ve been given 3 points of view from 3 different people in three separate times!  Can onlyh assume there’s more to follow…  I’m halfwayt through the 3rd part and aside from a few small ties between them here and there the stories seem completely unrelated.  I’ve gone from a 19th century journal written in the same style as the 1611 KJV with words I don’t think Ron would know; something about a boat and an island (not as funny as The Sex Lives of Cannibles) to a series of correpondance written by a rotten, manipulative social out-cast just before WWII, to a mystery novel.  I must have given Mark my M.S. (didn’t know that was contagious; feel like that monkey on Outbreak)–NOTE:  may want to consider quarenteening Cassandra–becuase this is strange so far.  Still, I can’t put it down.  Gotta see what happens next…

23 Sep 12

FINALY!  I finished the book and feel like I climbed Everest!  Don’t get me wrong–it’s a great story, very creatively woven, but it is a story told in several independent (and very different) stories and THOSE are broken up into the 1st half and the 2nd half of the book.  It really is an experience to read this book, but fair warning:  its challenging shifting gears through the different stories (a collection of journal entries, a series of letters, a crime drama, some sci-fi, and others).  Strongly recommend that you know as little about the book as possible before digging into it.  The connections and “bigger picture” develop like an old polaroid and I’d imagine its best if you’re not anticipating anything.  By the time you start back down the 2nd half, it will fall into place more rapidly.

Anyway, I highly recommend it and enjoyed it very much–just be prepared for a bit of a commitment.


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