David’s #7 – Restricted Nations: Pakistan by Riley K. Smith

This is a one of ten small books in a series put out by Voice of the Martyrs. A great organization to look into and support.

The author outlines the historical and political context, over several centuries, behind the persecution of Christians in what is presently the country of Pakistan. He does this through a series of short stories about individuals, families, and groups that have or are suffering various forms of religious persecution in Pakistan.

While educating the reader on the unfortunate plight of our brothers and sisters, the book tells the story of Christianity’s roots in present day Pakistan. It explains the split from India that came with a false promise of religious freedom and equality for all, outlines the fall of the regime that made those promises, and the gradual, absolute, extreme takeover of fundamental Islam and Sharia law that has brought with it persecution ranging from excess taxes for non-Muslims to harassment, rape, beatings, imprisonment and executions.

Many of us are aware that persecution exists throughout the world, but books like this, by groups like Voice of the Martyrs do a great job of educating us on the specifics of the hardships that are being experienced by our brother and sisters who are standing up for the name of Jesus Christ in lands that are completely opposed to Him.

It helps provide perspective and gives us some means to join with them in prayer and support and inspires us to stand up for our faith in situations that are much less daunting.

Worth the read!

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