David’s #42 – A Horse and His Boy By C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis never disappoints! When it comes to The Chronicles of Narnia, each book seems to be better than the last.  This book, the third in the series, is my favorite so far, hands down.

It is truly an epic adventure for readers of any age.  Aravis and Shasta(at least that is how we know him for the bulk of the tale) are a young girl and boy from vastly different backgrounds, each attempting to run away from their own tragic circumstances.  We are introduced to Tarkaan, and Calormen, the home countries of Aravis and Shasta.  Their individual escapes are accompanied, or one might even argue, orchestrated by two talking horses from Narnia, Hwin and Bree.  The troupe is comes together in a unique was as they journey toward what they hope will be a wonderful new life in Narnia.

Of course their travels do not come easy.  They must face raging rivers and scorching deserts, wild beasts, and villains and armies of various sorts if they are to reach their goal.

Lewis does not simply tell entertaining stories for entertainment’s sake.  He weaves Gospel truths throughout the story in a unique way.  Aslan of course makes His appearance.  He explains to each character the reasoning behind many, but not all, of their challenges.  They are not mere coincidence and are always allowed, or caused, for personal growth or for the benefit of many.  Despite protest, Aslan repeatedly insists that, “No one is told any story but their own.” A truth that we would all be well served to take to heart.

A gripping adventure full of escape, danger, horse chases, epic battles, and truth.  Once again, a must read for all ages.

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