David’s #37 – Olympic Weightlifting: Cues and Corrections By Daniel Camargo


The sport of Olympic Weightlifting consists of two events, The Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk (which is actually two distinct movements).  Here are a couple of very short video clips so that those unfamiliar can have a frame of reference.  Snatch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dvkGthhKoc

Clean and Jerk (with a little more weight: 580 pounds) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSkW8kUH0-c

Daniel Camargo is a world-renowned athlete and coach.  He has written several extensive books that break down the minutia and nuance of the Olympic lifts.  This book however, is a short, 107 page guide that serves more as a quick reference handbook more than an encyclopedia.  In it he breaks down the three movements into very basic steps and progressions, using easy to understand terms.

Could someone with zero knowledge of oly lifting, who had never seen the movements pick up this book and perform the snatch and clean and jerk?  Probably not.  But Camargo provides access to videos of drills and exercises.  With the help of these I think that a generally athletic person could make a decent start.  However, the point of this book is to act as a reference for athletes and coaches.  He does a great job at that.  Camargo offers basic technique and highlight a large number of major errors that are made.  Camargo also gives tips on how to identify those errors as well as cues and drills to correct them.

When reading it straight through it did tend to get a bit repetitive since many of the teaching points and corrections for both the snatch and C&J are the same.  This repetition will definitely prove valuable when using it as a reference, as it was designed.

Short, full of pictures, and easy to read and understand.  A valuable resource for coaches and athletes alike.

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