David’s #2 Got Friends: Real Stories of Real Fairbanks Friends

As I write this I am TDY at Eielson AFB, Alaska right outside of Fairbanks.  I had the opportunity to attend Friends Community Church with an old friend.  They recently published this book and have distributed it throughout their community.

Is it ground breaking literature?  No, it’s just stories about real people being open and honest.  The book is a “Chicken Soup” styled compilation of seven true and inspiring stories written by members of the church.  Many of the stories share similarities such as drug, alcohol or sexual abuse or criminal pasts.  One couple shared about losing their son and a struggle with a life threatening illness.  Some of the people grew up in the church, others had not known God in their youth or even in their early adult life.  The common theme that tied them together was the end result of their stories: the amazing grace and power of God to rescue anyone.  He refused to give up on any of the people in the book.  What a great reminder of God’s relentless love for us and His desire for a relationship with us.  I imagine that the impact of the stories would be even greater if I was a member of the Fairbanks community and the people in the stories were my neighbors.  It was a great read nonetheless.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s available outside of Fairbanks, but I do have one copy if you want to borrow it.

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