David’s #1(I’m back): Little Princes by Conor Grennan

I haven’t been so good about writing reviews on the books I’ve read this year.  But I’m giving it another shot starting with “Little Princes” by Conor Grennan.

Tired of his current life and job, Conor decided to go on what he knew was a completely self-indulgent, year long trip around the world.  In an attempt to mask his selfishness to his family and friends, appease his conscience, and pick up girls in bars, he decided that he would start his trip volunteering in an orphanage in Nepal.

Talk about not doing your research.  Conor did not realize that the country was in the midst of a civil war until he arrived at the airport in Kathmandu.  He really had no idea what he had signed up for.

The book takes you with him on his journey.   He shows up at the orphanage, a selfish kid himself, with no idea how to interact with children(not that hard it turns out, just let them jump and climb all over you), focused on surviving the next few months so he can start his adventure.  He quickly grows to love the kids and learns the truth about their situation.  They are not orphans at all, but rather rescued trafficked children from the far outskirts of Nepal.  But unlike the situations that most of us consider when we think of trafficked children, they weren’t kidnapped, or sold(or rented) by their parents.  Rather their parents sold everything they owned of value to pay a man who promised that he would take them away from the life or hardship and would give them a good place to live and an education, thus changing their lives forever.  Conor’s heart breaks for these children and their situation.  Yours will too.  He makes it his mission to reunite these children, and in the process, many more, with their parents.  A process not as simple as it may seems due to politics, geography, resources, and the strength and influence of the trafficking culture.

Injustice is so prevalent in our world and as Christians we are clearly called to fight against it.  This book was a compelling reminder of that and a window into a type of injustice of which I was not previously aware.  It is well written, gripping, and a great story that will make you laugh, get angry, and maybe cry.

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