David’s #1 A Voice In The Wind By Francine Rivers

voice-in-the-windNormally I don’t read books that are made u……. um, fiction, but occasionally I make an exception. It takes Ms. Rivers the first 100 pages or so to start developing the plot. I probably would have bedside tabled it but the sweet young lady that gave me the book warned me that it took a while to get good. So be forewarned. This is the story of a barbaric, Germanic warrior turned gladiator, a wealthy Roman citizen, his young, selfish, reckless sister, and how God uses a Jewish Christian slave girl to change their lives. It has a little something for everyone. History, Romance, and a healthy dose of Braveheart and Gladiator-esq violence woven into an entertaining, God centered story that makes you want to serve Him with more devotion and love Him with your whole being.

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