David #27 – How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell

We live in a culture that discourages thinking. A culture that says we should just go with the latest trends, believe what the mainstream media decides that we need to know, stay inside the box and think whatever we are told to think. According to John Maxwell successful people do think for themselves, creatively, reflectively and looking at the full scope of the issue, “The Big Picture”. Solutions can be discovered, problems thwarted, and incredible potential reached if individually and collectively we do not allow others to tell us what is and what is not possible. Thankfully, he adamantly believes that we are capable of changing the way we think.

Personally, one of the biggest takeaways of this book was the importance of reflective thinking.  So often we go…go…go and fail to stop and think about what we are learning.  Setting time aside for reflection can be immensely valuable in helping us to learn from our failures and successes in order to grow and develop for the future.  Additionally, both personally and professionally we must have a firm grasp on what our bottom line is. What is the chief end, goal, and vision that we are striving to achieve? It is impossible to set or achieve goals if we are unsure of what our purpose is as an individual or an organization.

If any or all of this sounds intriguing or confusing rest assured that Maxwell speaks clearly and simply.  He offers numerous entertaining and valuable anecdotes as well as general examples of how to put some of the practices in place.

Although the book is oriented towards professionals and leaders in organizations it contains great wisdom for individuals and personal growth as well.

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