David #25 – Never Wipe You’re A$$ With a Squirrel by Jason Robillard


How could I not order this book on ultra running after seeing the title?  Who doesn’t like a little bit of juvenile humor every now and then?  I know I’m not the only one.

This book provides some great insights into all things ultra.  I know that most of you could care less about knowing about the pain to expect when running a 50…or even a 100 miler, or how to organize your drop bags (what’s a drop bag?), what to look for in a pacer (someone that loves you so much {or is gifted in ignoring your whining} that they are willing to put up with your inevitable childlike complaining after you’ve been running for 40…..60….even 80 miles), let alone the proper etiquette for pooping in the woods.

I will warn you, if you failed to catch on from the title, Robillard has a tendency to be very crass.  Additionally, he does not specialize in books. He is a blogger, and the book reads like a blog, which can tend to get a little annoying. Also he occasionally comes off as that annoying, self-absorbed friend at the bar who is sure that everyone wants his opinion.  After all, isn’t that what all bloggers are?

But if for some foolish reason you do have an inclination towards tackling some long distance running, or even just possess a little curiosity as to what us morons go through or have to think about, then check out this book.  It is short, simple to read, and packed with some pretty good information.

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