Buddy’s #14 Try Giving Yourself Away

I picked this book up off the shelf in Phnom Penh because it was only a couple of bucks and the title was intriguing. I had checked the copyright date (2007) but quickly discovered it was a reprint of a book that was 89 years old as many of his illustrations dealt with travel by train and other vestiges of our recent history in America.

Though he calls himself a Christian the author approaches giving himself away not as part of his religious duty but rather as a hobby that brings him much joy.

One of the big takeaways from the book for me was to be on the look out for ways to add value to the lives of others. Another takeaway was that the door to give yourself closes quickly so walk through it while you have the chance.

The author also said that the more specific you can be with gifts, compliments and praise the better. To someone with the spiritual gift of giving this may come as no surprise but it was a good reminder for me.

Even if you never read the book you should still “Try Giving Yourself Away” this week and I am sure you’ll have a much better week and bring glory to your God in the process.

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