Brad’s no. 17: The Next Story by Tim Challies

I read this book a while ago, just didn’t get a chance to write this review.  I was busy – hang on a sec – sorry just updating my status on Facebook.   Well, I just didn’t get to it.  This saddens me as it was a very thought provoking book and my review will not do it justice due to the lack of freshness in my mind.  Tim Challies, for a Canadian, does a deft job at analyzing the immense changes that have been wrought by technology in the last few years.  It is especially poignant considering his prominence as a blogger.  I consider myself a thinker; however this book really awakened me to the impact that screens (computer, phone, iPad, etc.) have on my life: how I learn, communicate, my attention span, etc.  Until reading this book my thoughts on such things revolved around the concept that technology was just one more thing vying for my attention.  I failed to see that the dawning digital era is not just an incremental change, but a sizable shift in how humans are interacting, both with each other and with knowledge in general.

As someone who is intertwined with the tech world, Challies excellently analyzes both the positive and negative impacts of digital media.  Surprisingly, it seems his conclusion is one that leans more toward warning and caution.  These things can be positive, but the potential for the negative is prevalent.  I really appreciated that his examination was done through the filter of a Christian worldview.  The statistics that he presents can be startling and the ramifications should be inherently informative for those who are seeking to live a Christ-like life.  The one draw-back to the book is that it is not the most fluid read.  It is better read in smaller doses rather than marathon sessions.  But, I guess this would be expected of one who is best know for his pithy blogs.  A highly recommended book for all who love the Lord and seek to do so on all fronts of their life.



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