Ally’s #39: “How to Read the Bible Book by Book” by Gordon Fee & Douglas Stuart

This is a pretty phenomenal sequel to How To Read the Bible For All It’s Worth. When I first started planning for my chronological Bible class, I was under the very wrong impression that there was nothing available for me to use as a text book for my class. So, my plan was to try to simplify the 66 book intros found in my ESV Study Bible. Duh, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! I’m so grateful I found this just in the nick of time.

Again, I appreciate Fee/Stuarts down-to-earth writing style, intermingled with great insights into the big picture of each book in the Bible. The synopses are brief (3-4 pages), and also include sections that break down the book by section. I’ve recommended to my students that if they struggle seeing the forest for the trees (usually, my biggest issue), the section break down can help them to refocus.

This book will be next to me from now on whenever I study my Bible.

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