Ally’s #38: “How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth” by Gordon Fee & Douglas Stewart

Holy moly, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! I fell of the radar right about the time we were asked to be adoptive parents to a sweet baby girl. I’m going to do my best to get caught up, and will also be posting some preemptively (nearly done reading), as my leisure time is about to vanish 🙂

I had the pleasure of reading this book over the summer in preparation for a chronological Bible class I am teaching at Fort Riley. I can’t even explain how incredibly helpful it has been in giving me the big picture of how to approach each genre found in Scripture according to its particular literary features. I now feel like I have a very strong grasp on the importance of and differences between exegesis and hermeneutics. I really liked Fee and Stuart’s writing styles, but the only parts that I was tempted to gloss over were the portions of practical application where they walk step-by-step through portions of Scripture. I understand the reasoning behind it, but it read a little slow for me.

I’m a bullet-point kinda girl, so the lists the authors offered as a recap of the main points they made in each chapter were incredibly helpful. These brief lists made it easy for me to pass on this information to my students. Some of the ladies in my class have never read through the Old Testament before, and what Fee/Stuart shared  was accessible and easily understood. I love that you don’t have to be a seminary student to get a lot of this book!

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