Ally’s #26: The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis

The Chronicles continue! Sooo, I’m not quite sure how it happened, but the White Witch is back…with a vengeance. I suppose evil never dies. She’s been up to no good, and is ten years into a scheme to reclaim rule over Narnia when the now reformed Eustace Scrubb and his classmate, Jill Pole, are called into Narnia by Aslan.

The White Witch now moonlights as a bright green serpent. She managed to sneak up on King Caspian’s wife while she was enjoying an outing in the forest with her son, Prince Rilian. Her bite was deadly, and Rilian felt the strong desire to avenge his mother’s death. While searching for the serpent, Rilian finds the White Witch, who lulls him into a trance and keeps him captive in the Shallow Lands, a few miles underneath the earth’s surface. It’s an eerily quiet, dingy place where thousands of gnomes are also held captive, being forced up from their homes in the Really Deep Land of Bism to dig tunnel systems.

Eustace and Jill arrive in Narnia just in the nick of time. King Caspian has set off on one final voyage in the hopes of finding Aslan. While many a mighty warrior has gone to their death in search of Prince Rilian, Caspian has faith that Aslan will aid in his son’s return. Little did he know that Aslan already sent for help.

Jill’s time in Narnia starts of rocky and doesn’t improve until late in the book. Aslan provides her many opportunities to learn, and she is a changed girl by the end of the story, much like her counterpart, Eustace. No one meets Aslan and remains unchanged, either for the good, or the better. When Aslan’s enemies encounter him, they are more determined to be his enemies; when those Aslan has chosen as his people meet him, they are his forever.

I almost forgot to mention Jill and Eustace’s travel companion, the faithful Marsh-wiggle named, Puddleglum. His name is rather fitting, as the children often refer to him as a “wet blanket” (puddle) for his habit of wallowing in the negative (glum). If it weren’t for his heroic assistance, the children would not have been successful in their rescue of Prince Rilian.

Now on to the final book!

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