Ally’s #24: Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis

Of the four books I’ve read of the Chronicles series thus far, I think Prince Caspian might be my least favorite. I was not particularly taken by the story line, but it was sweet to see Narnia restored to life and freedom at the end. Even after a lengthy time of suppression under the tyrant and usurper, King Miraz, a remnant of Aslan’s people remained. Because of the propaganda spread under King Miraz, Aslan and the four ancient rulers (Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy) had nearly mythical status. Many of the talking animals returned to their primitive ways, losing their ability to speak and their moral compass.

Though the odds of waging a winning war against King Miraz was unlikely, the Narnians, under the leadership of Prince Caspian and High King Peter, gave it all they had. My favorite character, Reepicheep, probably suffered the most wounds in the battle. Not only was he fearless and faithful, but an incredibly honorable soul.

I’ll close with a fun passage about the well-rounded education Prince Caspian received when being groomed to take the throne:

He learned sword-fighting and riding, swimming and diving, how to shoot with the bow and play on the recorder and the theorbo, how to hunt the stag and cut him up when he was dead, besides Cosmography, Rhetoric, Heraldry, Versification, and of course History, with a little Law, Physics, Alchemy, and Astronomy. Of Magic he learned only the theory, for Doctor Cornelius said the practical part was not proper study for princes.

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