Ally’s #22: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

The first book in Lewis’ series ends with Professor Kirke (Digory all grown up) fashioning a wardrobe out of the tree that sprang up from the seeds of magical fruit he brought back from Narnia to heal his mother. Lewis is playfully suggestive as to the magical properties of the wardrobe, and the story line meshes perfectly with the next book in the series. There, we meet the four siblings who are to be future Kings and Queens of Narnia: Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter.

What I love about this book is getting to see the fulfillment of prophecy. The Narnians were expectant and hopeful, while the White Witch trembled at the thought of Aslan returning to Narnia, thus losing her grip on her throne. The White Witch thought she could derail the prophecy and create a future centered on her evil by getting to the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve before Aslan, but even that could not stop what was to be. Even Edmund’s outright betrayal for the sake of his own pride and self-advancement could not undo the plan Aslan set into place long before the four children found their way into Narnia. Though Edmund’s life rightfully belonged to the White Witch for his betrayal and sin, Aslan was willing to take Edmund’s place under the blade of her knife to see the prophecy fulfilled and to satisfy the Deep Magic that was set in place since Aslan first breathed life into the world. What the White Witch didn’t know is that Aslan could neither be defeated by evil nor death.

I suppose the only person with the right to call Lewis out on plagiarism is God himself. Lewis certainly did not conjure up this story of redemption on his own. He writes it beautifully. I wonder how non-Christians react to this story when they read it. I wonder if it reminds them of what Jesus did on the cross–if they’ve ever heard of him, that is. I wonder if this story has helped children to grow up and to receive the gospel because they knew and loved Aslan and wished he was more than just a fictional character. I wonder…

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